With the value of Rainbow, we share the same faith struggle, and development to create products that better serve the good life and more prosperity.

The value of the Company:

We encourage innovation, pioneered the work of individuals, groups with new ideas to help create the best product. We nurture and acceptance for new ideas off him.

Victory Challenge :

We are always looking for challenges to create humans, products and solutions to develop pioneering, the risks in order to create the foundation for a solid step. When employees face difficulties, we always work closely to them more self-confidence, to grow up with those opportunities. We always create challenges to the process is always improving, explore and constantly learning new skills to launch the best product.

Shaping strategy:

Get top quality, comply with the development of all skills, continuous innovation in the search for the best interests of customers, employees and the company.

Always towards customers:

Satisfaction, customer satisfaction is the driving force for activities of We, Customer-oriented resources to business, we have the responsibility to realize the business environment and promote themselves not innovation. We always think and act for clients in every decision, every job and every product.

Activities Environmental:

To develop strong We must regularly analyze their strengths and weaknesses, along with the opportunities, risks and potential, requires us to be flexible, dynamic always have new ideas and unceasingly development.

Progressive :

Overall we constantly pursue innovation, improvement in daily work hours, we encourage individuals and collective talent brings new ideas.


We care about the environment, health and safety

We maintain an organizational culture in clean

We comply with laws and ethical standards

We respect our customers, partners and their employees

We are an enterprise with social responsibility

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