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Each day, Rainbow employees - involved in research and development of new product generations better, the products serve people in the best way. Create new energy and ideas awaken new vitality for life prosperity.

Awaken ideas important role in the business of Rainbow and the quality products of the new Rainbow constantly appearing on the market. Productquality is essential to hold a position in competition in the food era CLEAN, good food, high quality of current trends, through the cooperation of the people full of creative ideas , filled with a sense of responsibility, cooperation and support between the business partners and the efforts to focusdevelopment investment.

Our team of researchers and talented staff is one of the most valuable assets of the Rainbow. All employees from the department of research, production, sales, marketing ... is growing every day. They work under the strategy for the future and passionate enthusiasm responsible, looking towards the new trends of society, posing formidable new benchmark. Expected to open in the results nature long-term sustainability, optimization, practical life prosperity.

Wake up your ideas - prosperous life

New ideas - New Technology - New Products

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The company's vision Rainbow Viet Nam last decade has been clearly stated in the manifesto "Awakening Ideas - Creative Future – Prosperity Life".

This vision is reflected in the commitment of the company Rainbow Vietnam to Awaken the idea to the community, based on three main strengths of themselves "New Ideas" - "New Products" and "Quality new ". In promoting the values of Rainbow to the three main factors in relation Rianbow core of Vietnam - the food industry - partners and employees. Through these efforts, Rainbow hopes to continue to build a better society as well as the rich life experience for everyone.

Rainbow Vietnam has outlined a specific plan to become the Company has been producing the best products and services rather than the top ranking company in terms of revenue and become one of the five most popular brands to five 2020. To achieve this goal, Rainbow has identified three strategic approach to management, which is the "Mark Soul ideas", "partnership" and "Life prosperity".

Vietnam Rainbow confidence in the future. On the basis of the successes already achieved, we will continue to explore new areas such as health care, pharmaceutical, food. Rainbow determination to become a leader in innovative ideas full of new markets and is a leading enterprise in the future.

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