Rainbow looking for partners, suppliers and Rainbow lead future development.

As a leading manufacturer in the food sector, the Company is developing Rainbow Vietnam to a new era in product development, corporate culture and contributions to society.

To be able to achieve their goals, we understand the importance of building relationships and gain the support of the suppliers, the leading partner.

Rainbow Vietnam company seeking enthusiastic partner and provide the products, the best policy and business efficiency best to establish cooperative relations.

Please contact us to become a partner of Rainbow Company

Together we will create the future for the best quality products.

With the philosophy of co-operation with partners, suppliers are as follows:

- Openness

- Justice

- Both parties mutually beneficial

We, the people working in customer trading environment of Rainbow Vietnam Company understands its vital role in creating more value for customers.

In this important endeavor, we will conduct all transactions with partners and suppliers in a spirit of honesty and cooperation to the mutual benefit and mutual development. We understand and comply with the provisions of law, government and the enterprise.

Principles of Customer Trading Division.

Rainbow Vietnam company and the suppliers, the partners will cooperate in the spirit of all the mutually beneficial. 

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