We also see the economic responsibility, environmental, and social factors in the sustainable management of its. We constantly strive to identify the different partners and build positive relationships with them, and above all, enhance value for both the company and society.

The success of a company is measured not only by the business achievements, but also by the level of good service anywhere, product quality, how differences created in people's lives.

Rainbow claimed responsibility for social service contributions as a good corporate citizen, actively researching for better products to please consumers. With Rainbow We accept liability business by enhancing product quality to serve life prosperous and modern. Everything we wanted to orientation activities on the color of life and take Yellow as the main color of people, products, environment, business strategies ...

Yellow: the color of the sun's warmth. It is associated with feelings of happiness beneficiary. It is also the color of wisdom and powerful. The yellow color gives a warm feeling, increasing excitement and mental performance. Yellow also means honor and loyalty.

The important method to ensure the sustainability of Vietnam Rainbow:


Economy - Environment - Society

Relationship: Building a Successful Partnership

Staff: Advanced training value innovation

Customer: development of high quality products and improve customer satisfaction

Customers: Maximize the value of the company by the appropriate economic activities

Global Social Contribution solve global problems (providing cleaning products)

Local community: The social contribution to effective reputation management and ensure business continuity

Business Partners: Improving competitiveness through relations, mutually beneficial cooperation

Social Business fairness and compliance with laws 

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